SINCE 1975

Known over the years as Glyko Styllas, since 1975, it operates continuously and uninterruptedly in the area of ​​Volos. For the last 6 years (since 2014), our store is located at the most central street of our city, and specifically at Iasonos 135.

We are there every day from 10:00 in the morning until 01:00 in the evening, offering you the fresh sweets of the day. Also, established in our menu, dominant in your preferences, is the fresh profiterole.

At your urging, we prepare the profiterole exactly as you dreamed, with a strong taste, pure ingredients … inspired by authentic French recipes.

Γλυκό Στύλλας | Pastry Shop
Γλυκό Στύλλας | Pastry Shop

Peak Of Taste

Over the years we are still faithful to our principle, which is the quality of materials. We are always looking for the best and purest ingredients. The philosophy of the patisserie is based on the commitment to quality and the best possible service to our customers, but also to the application of modern methods of safeguarding and certification of products. With its many years of presence in the city of Volos, the Styllas patisserie is considered the best ambassador of sweets.

Γλυκό Στύλλας | Pastry Shop

“You can’t just eat a good dessert! You’ve got to talk about it too.”

Original Taste

Your favorite profiterole, in any taste you want, can be placed in your own utensil. For more information, ask our specialized staff!

Our Workshop

It is open daily from early in the morning until 1:00 in the evening. Home and dessert distribution .. by phone your favorite flavors can arrive at your place, from 15:00 to night. We ask for your full understanding, as the transfer of the sweet is difficult and for the safe receipt of your sweets, the transfer takes place only by hand and not in a box, as is usual in other deliveries.
Contact telephone: 24210 24555